Healthy Naturals USA is a brand of Health supplements that are top of the line in the field of supplements. Our supplements are a result of extensive research in Nutritional Science along with the finest elements of Nature’s products. Healthy Naturals supplements have been designed to exceed contemporary supplements in the market in both quality and value. Healthy Naturals supplements are produced by a group of qualified and experienced pharmacists trained to produce only the best.
Quality is extremely important for us therefore, only the finest quality ingredients are used to ensure that they meet the most rigorous Quality Assurance Standards. Healthy Naturals goes one step ahead and uses cGMP to manufacture its supplements in facilities that are FDA approved and finally the supplements are sent to a third party independent laboratory for verificationof quality and purity.
At Healthy Naturals, we strive for Guarantee,Innovation, Competency and Transparency. All our products are manufactured in the United States,we believe in making use of the bounties of nature, combing them with innovationstate-of-the-art manufacturing practices to produce supplements that enhance quality of life.Transparency is importantto us so we can ensure you never compromise when it comes to your health.We back up our claims by a test of authenticity.Our products are independently tested for safety and purity.
Healthy Naturals boosts a widerange of products which range from: Fish oil, Antioxidants, Multivitamins, supplements for Obesity, Cardio health, Sport supplements,Special formulas for Men’s health,Colon health and Children. Our best sellers include:
Fish Oil Omega Gold 1400 is harvested from fish found in the pristine waters of North and South America. The oil is extracted, filtered to remove impurities and heavy metals and is packaged in an enteric coated capsule as per USP guidelines. This is a great product for those who experience nausea or reflux from other fish oils because this enteric coated, odor-controlled soft gel is easier to tolerate.
A well-researched formula using Ceramoside™, an extract of wheat seed that is gluten free. The Formula is strengthened with several powerful anti-oxidants, including selected vitamins A, C and E and Selenium. Ceramides are a major component of our skin’s outer layer. They protect the skin against moisture loss to keep it youthful and supple. Ceramides support the skin’s matrix, keeping it firm.
This formula is fortified with Green Tea delivering EGCG-Epigallocatechingallate, a compound shown to increase fat oxidation. Natural caffeine from green tea also assists in enhancing the metabolism of the body and aids in alertness of the mind. This supplementalso contains Garcinia Cambogia, a fruit extract that contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCAis effective in combatingfat absorption because it improves metabolism, increases energy, suppresses appetite, regulates blood sugar and fights depression. Garcinia Thermolean also contains Coffee bean extract which is known toraise serotonin levels in the body, thiscurbs appetite as well.Chlorogenic acid from unroasted Green Coffee bean is known to assist in high blood pressure management.